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Hall of Bones


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Quest pro RPG hru Swords and Wizardry. Frog God Games is pleased to present a short handling of our rule set, game theory and a short adventure of the award winning SWORDS & WIZARDRY Game. This game is similar to very old school editions of the game, dating back to 1974. This was the game that came in a small brown (and later white) box, when men were men and well, henchmen were cannon fodder. What you will find herein is a ready-to-play adventure that can be run with only a few minutes of preparation. In this day of complex systems, four page character sheets, and dice rolls to determine what your character hears, sees and knows, this system takes us back to the days when players needed to use their brains more than their dice, and even high level characters were vulnerable to death and worse. Hall of Bones was written for Swords & Wizardry for Free RPG Day 2013. Includes basic rules and 4 pre-generated characters.