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Super Blood Harvest


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Příručka Super Blood Harvest obsahuje trojici neobvyklých sci-fi dobrodružství pro hry na hrdiny. Příručka je v angličtině. A trilogy of weird science-fantasy adventures from Dirk Leichty, the artistic visionary behind Silent Titans! This trio of RPGs has been collected into a deluxe omnibus by Swordfish Islands, and is expected to begin shipping on May 1st, 2020. Limited to 1000 copies. SUPER BLOOD HARVEST #1 You ve been abducted by a VAMPIRE SPACE FORTRESS–escape before it enters hibernation behind the moon! (32 pages) SUPER BLOOD HARVEST #2 You wake amid wreckage on the surface of the moon, at the foot of an abandoned temple. (44 pages) SUPER BLOOD HARVEST #3 You are the last free humans of Mars, fugitives from hostile killbot swarms. A tile-crawl sandbox ruled by city-sized mechanical gods. (~70 pages)

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