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Interstellar Terra


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Interstellar Terra je anglicky psaný gamebook čítající 777 odkazů, který se odehrává ve sci-fi prostředí – na vzdálené neznámé planetě. Kniha je v angličtině. An illustrated 733 page fantasy gamebook with 777 sections. YOU are a scientist; an expert in astronomy and teleportation. Originating from a planet similar to Earth, you have explored many worlds within your solar system. However, your home-planet, Terra, and its neighbouring worlds exist in a parallel universe to that of Earth s. Observing the skies with your unique telescopic equipment, you discover a dark and frigid interstellar planet, which you plan to explore; but on attempting to teleport to this world, things don t go to plan, and you arrive at a place which throws your mind into debate as to your true location. Here you discover a unique atmosphere and environment. There are many paths you may take on your epic travels through this interactive novel, and you will encounter horrors in the form of madness, monstrous creatures, and criminality from both Terran and alien peoples; but there are also plenty of helpful beings. See the PREVIEW beneath the cover image.

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