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For Coin & Blood (druhá edice)


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For Coin & Blood (druhá edice) je příručka pro fantasy hru na hrdiny, ve které hrajete za spodinu a padouchy. Příručka je v angličtině. For Coin & Blood is a classically-inspired fantasy roleplaying game, which takes the direction of playing the scum and villains you normally fight inmost fantasy campaigns! Playing assassins, cult leaders, blackguards and more, For Coin & Blood is a different look at the other side of the coin of fantasy roleplaying games. Inspired by the writings of authors such as Kate Elliot, Joe Abercrombie, Sarah Monette, Glen Cook, Anna Smith Spark, Scott Lynch, and more, For Coin & Blood is dark fantasy roleplaying about antiheroes, thieves and assassins, rooted in the darkest recess of mankind’s depredations. For Coin & Blood makes no pretenses about what it asks you to be. You’re the villains that other campaigns fight. You’re the cult leaders, assassins, fallen nobles, murderers, mercenaries, necromancers and thugs.

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