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Destiny: The Official Cookbook


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Oficiální kuchařka plná pokrmů inspirovaných lokacemi z úspěšné herní série Destiny. Kniha v anglickém jazyce. Explore recipes inspired by Bungie s hit franchise and collected from Guardians across the solar system in Destiny: The Official Cookbook. Based on Bungie s acclaimed video game series Destiny, this official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the Guardians and locations seen throughout the game s expansive universe. Eva Levante has traveled around the world after the events of the Red War, gathering a variety of recipes after crossing paths with many Guardians along the way and learning from their adventures. Craft mouth-watering food from her diverse list of recipes inspired by the game s unique world. Step-by-step instructions and full-colour photos help guide and inspire fans to go on their own culinary adventure through the solar system. Perfect for all Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks, Destiny: The Official Cookbook is packed with amazing recipes and stories that celebrate Destiny s vast multiplayer universe.

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