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Crypt of the Vampire


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Crypt of the Vampire je anglicky psaný gamebook plný upírského dobrodružství! Kniha je v angličtině. In the middle of a lonely wood, as night falls, you come upon a half-ruined mansion where dwells the undead Lord Tenebron among his servitors – depraved mortals, creatures of darkness, and luckless adventurers enslaved to his will. Your only hope of escape is to prevail against the dangers that beset you and battle your way to the very heart of the catacombs. There, in the deepest chamber of the vampire’s crypt, you must face him and try to end his reign of terror for all time. This is fantasy adventure with a difference: YOU are the hero! A pencil, an eraser and two dice are all you need to embark on your quest. Success and vast riches – or failure and savage death – will depend on the decisions you make! Crypt of the Vampire was originally published as the first in the classic Golden Dragon Gamebook series.

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