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Chronicles of the Magi 1: The Sword of Life


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Anglicky psaný gamebook The Sword of Life, první z řady Chronicles of the Magi. Kniha je v angličtině. For centuries the Five Magi have been trapped among the stars, unable to return to the living world. All that time they have been brooding, weaving their plans, and gathering mystical power from the cosmos. Soon they will return and unleash their dark forces in a war to enslave all mankind. Altor, a young warrior monk, is just starting out on life s journey. A dying man charges him with a desperate quest. To prevent the return of the Five Magi, Altor must gather the scattered parts of the Sword of Life and learn how to use it against the greatest evil the world has ever known. Chronicles of the Magi is an epic trilogy combining action, fantasy, and mythology set in the world of Legend and based on the Dragon Warriors and Blood Sword game series.

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