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Blood Sword 4: Doomwalk


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Doomwalk je anglicky psaný gamebook, čtvrtý z řady Blood Sword. Kniha je v angličtině. Your quest for the Sword of Life leads into the domain of Death… The True Magi are gathering their powers. Soon the moment of their reincarnation will be at hand. Only one thing can stop them from returning to enslave mankind. One weapon has the power to slay them. The Sword of Life. But it has been seized by your arch-enemy and taken to a place beyond the reach of all but the mightiest of heroes. And so you set out on your most desperate adventure. To recover the Sword of Life, you must travel to the land of the dead. Blood Sword can be played either solo or in a team of up to four people, providing the most exciting challenge yet in fantasy adventures, combining the best of role-playing, novels and tabletop games.

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