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Blood Sword 2: The Kingdom of Wyrd


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The Kingdom of Wyrd je anglicky psaný gamebook, druhý z řady Blood Sword. Kniha je v angličtině. The Warlock King holds the land of Wyrd in thrall. His tyrannized subjects live in perpetual fear, knowing that he can see into their dreams and kill them while they sleep. But now an ancient prophecy has brought outsiders from beyond the shores of Wyrd. You seek the lost hilt of the Sword of Life. To claim it you must find the Palace of Eternal Dusk and there confront the Warlock King. It is a struggle which will test the limits of your courage and skill, for the nightmares you must face will be shaped from the darkest corners of your own subconscious mind. Blood Sword can be played either solo or in a team of up to four people, providing the most exciting challenge yet in fantasy adventures, combining the best of role-playing, novels and tabletop games.

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