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Be An Interplanetary Spy: Space Olympics


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Anglicky psaný gamebook Be An Interplanetary Spy: Space Olympics vás nechá prožít sci-fi dobrodružství, jehož budete hlavním hrdinou! Kniha je v angličtině. You are an Interplanetary Spy. Your mission is to travel to the first space olympics and protect the super athlete Andromeda. Gresh the evil master spy plans to kidnap her and sabotage the Olympics. You must make sure that Andromeda completes the Olympics alive. You work for the Interplanetary Spy Center, a far-reaching organization devoted to stopping crime and terrorism in the galaxy. While you are on your mission, you will take your orders from the Interplanetary Spy Center. Follow your instructions carefully. You will be traveling alone on your mission. If you are captured, the Interplanetary Spy Center will not be able to help you. Only your wits and your sharp spy skills will help you reach your goal. Be careful. Keep your eyes open at all times.

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