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A Minotaur at the Savoy


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Anglicky psaný gamebook A Minotaur at the Savoy. Kniha je v angličtině. A Minotaur at the Savoy comprises more than fifty whimsical fantasy and SF vignettes, from the mysterious giant hand found in a wood in Yorkshire to the best way to deal with a dragon that s taken a shine to the gold reserves of Fort Knox. It is a little known fact of history – or myth, or both, that around the start of the twentieth century there existed a lost year. In this year, a green comet appeared in the sky. As it grew larger, things that would previously have been considered utterly fantastical began to seep into everyday life. By the height of summer, imagination and reality were so seamlessly merged that few recalled a time when the world had been otherwise. Mermaids swam in the Mediterranean. Martians commuted by train from Woking. Greek gods gave lecture tours of the United States. And with this new way of life came a whole set of problems of etiquette and decorum (see reference to mermaids). Fortunately, the solution was at hand. In the depths of the British Museum, intrepid academics Bampton Bammy Bromfield and Cyril Clattercut had long been cataloguing accounts of the uncanny from around the world on behalf of the Royal Mythological Society. The arrival of the green comet was about to give them the busiest year of their lives… This selection of Dunsany-esque fantasy vignettes ties in with the Mirabilis – Year of Wonders graphic novel, available in print and on iPad.

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