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Tiny Taverns RPG


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Tiny Taverns RPG, to je hra na hrdiny, ve které parta vysloužilých dobrodruhů provozuje hospodu! Příručka je v angličtině. Heart-Warming Fantasy! The story you tell with Tiny Taverns is one of friendship, a group of former adventurers running a tavern together. This tavern happens to exist in a fantasy world, replete with monsters, magic and cheerfully-crafted menus (and hijinks!) Using the rules in this book, you ll be able to play to tell new heartwarming stories in this slice-of-life inspired TinyD6 narrative RPG! It s a new storytelling game powered by an revised iteration of TinyD6, more akin to Fate or Powered by the Apocalypse, but still the same minimalist nature you love! Character creation is simple, fast, and exciting. You pick your character archetype based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Traits that each grant a single benefit, and you re done! As a group, you ll work to create the world you exist in, as well as identify the sort of tavern, home, inn, or other enterprise you ve decided to support with your friends! This setting will be your groups, from the ground up!

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