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The Castle of Lost Souls


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Anglicky psaný gamebook The Castle of Lost Souls, ve kterém vy budete hlavním hrdinou! Kniha je v angličtině. A classic choose-your-own style adventure from the golden ages of gamebooks – back in print at last! Beyond the hills and haunted swamps towards the sunset lies the grim castle of the arch-fiend Slank. For centuries this demon has plundered the souls of mortal men, gathering them to his terrible abode to dwell in eternal torment. Now the secret magic that can destroy Slank is known at last. You agree to undertake this perilous adventure. But can you rid the world of the demon’s dark shadow, or are you merely destined to become his latest victim? This is fantasy adventure with a difference: you are the hero. A pencil, an eraser, and two dice are all you need to embark on your quest. Success and glory – or failure and sudden death – depend on the decisions you make.

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