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Fabled Lands 2: Cities of Gold and Glory


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Cities of Gold and Glory je anglicky psaný gamebook z řady Fabled Lands. Kniha je v angličtině. Set on a journey of fabulous adventure in lands beyond the limit of your imagination. Choose for yourself what role to play, where to venture, and what rewards to seek. In CITIES OF GOLD AND GLORY you can sail the high seas to Golnir s distant ports. As a warrior, plunder ancient treasures and do battle with the legions of darkness in the hall of the death-god Nagil. As a spy, penetrate the labyrinth of lies and sinister secrets of the scheming merchants of Metriciens. As a sorcerer, barter in mysteries, spells and ancient lore with the immortal wizard Estragon. Amass wealth, honours and power that will take you on voyages to uncharted regions. Your journeys will bring you foes and friends, danger and triumph, fortune and fame – and more adventures than you have ever dreamed of. Here is role-playing as you ve never known it before – in the perilous world of the FABLED LANDS.

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