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Bunker Issue #1


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Bunker Issue #1 je příručka s dobrodružstvím pro hru na hrdiny z prostředí světa po klimatické katastrofě, obývaného čarodějnicemi a druidskými kruhy, rytíři sloužícími lesům, či kováři, kteří přetvářejí recyklované plasty a elektronický odpad do magického brnění. Příručka je v angličtině. BUNKER is an ongoing RPG worldbuilding project made by Michael + writing partner Matthew Kopel. The world of BUNKER is inspired by their common fear of climate catastrophe, and by their shared hope for a heavy metal environmentalist utopia: an utopia populated by earth witches and druid circles, by lordless knights who pledge to serve the woods, by smiths crafting reclaimed plastics and e-waste into magical armor. The forces of evil in BUNKER are inspired by the facts of man-made climate disaster: habitat destruction, mass extinction, hubris, and greed. Rivers of necromantic goo erupt from the fractured earth. Trans-planar baddies arrive, lured to feed on emergent magic like so many extraction capitalists unearthing a new vein of coal. BUNKER is made to run with any system! It offers a few optional bespoke mechanics, but is primarily setting, story, and other worldbuilding elements. Issue #1 In BUNKER #1, The party begins their adventure in a small town called THE MOUNDS, where civilization has begun to rebound from cataclysm, but awareness of the greater earth is still a mystery. The growing settlement, surrounded by the eight huge grassy bulges, teeters toward civic advancement and progress, ignorant of the strange secrets that lay dormant beneath their feet. The party’s quest begins when a regional diplomat arrives in search of assistance uncovering a hidden resource that could give humanity a new chance at thriving. The adventure will begin to reveal the secret history of the world, only to find that all that has been lost has been replaced by a new power, and paradigm-changing remnants of the last age of humanity, both terrible and wondrous. 55 pages of player-tested, DM-approved adventure // 7 hours of average playthrough time Made possible by an incredible community on Kickstarter during Zinequest 2 with over 500 backers, BUNKER #1 is the first part of of a two-part adventure continued in Bunker #2.

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