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BattleTech Tamar Rising


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Příručka BattleTech Tamar Rising obsahuje detailní informace o událostech v bývalé okupační zóně klanu Jade Falcon od roku 3151 do poloviny roku 3152. Příručka je v angličtině. Silence falls across the Jade Falcon border, and slowly, reports reach Lyran space: the Clan’s warriors, so long a threat to the Steiner realm, are gone. Powerful ambitions rush to fill the vacuum that follows. Former Clan citizens both recently assimilated and long conquered grapple with a future no longer defined by the will of the Falcons. An Arcturan general dissatisfied with Tharkad’s ineffective rule forges her own destiny. A Clan denied the glory of Terra redefines itself through battle and conquest. And a mercenary unleashes her reborn command to claim vengeance for past calamities. Tamar Rising is a BattleTech sourcebook providing full details of the events in the former Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone from 3151 to mid-3152. Included are a full historical summary of events in that region of space, personality and unit profiles of key players – many appearing here for the first time, and game information to bring it all to your BattleTech tabletop.

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